Wednesday, 8 May 2013

It's the cheese but it is NOT the cheese !

Baru-baru ni , saya ada baca satu buku yang lebih kurang macam Men are from Mars , Women are from Venus . Tapi versi ini lain sikit . Sebab dia ditulis oleh sepasang suami isteri . So no bias huh ? Ini buku dia . Sangat best dan kalau baca memang akan " eh betol la lelaki pangai salu camni . eh buku ni ada bawak saka ke baca isi hati aku ? "

salah satu cerita dalam ni yang buat aku rasa " wow, the ugly truth! " ialah yang ini ;

Woman : What is this ?
Stupid man : I dont know, what is this ?

Woman : It's the string cheese u bought .
Stupid man : Oh ..

Woman : I wanted Polly-O string cheese. The one with the cartoon cow , in the blue package .
Stupid man : The package is blue .

Woman : Yes it is blue but it is not Polly-O. I can tell by the fact that there is no cartoon cow on the package and that it doesnt say Polly-O .
Stupid man : That one has a cute little mouse on it .

Woman : Yes, i can see that. But i didnt want the one with the cute little mouse . I wanted the one with the cow . I wrote it down on the list . Do u have the list ?
Stupid man : I have the list .

Woman : Did u look at the list ?
Stupid man : Yeah ..

Woman : Can u read me the list ?
Stupid man : Look , u wanted string cheese . I bought string cheese . I dont know why you have to get all crazy about it ?

Woman : Where is the list ? Show me the list . (The stupid man begrudgingly hands over the list . Woman scans it and begins to read) .
Woman : "Item number six :  Polly-O string cheese ! Important ! Must be Polly-O . Blue package . There is a cartoon cow that has an expression of feigned surprise on the package . Do not get me other kind of string cheese except this one . Not skim . Not lite . Not any other brand . Please ."
Stupid man : Oh, i guess i didnt see that part .

Woman : It is in italics ! 
Stupid man : I just read the string cheese part .

Woman : But why ? Why only that part ? Why else would i expound on the packaging and the description if i didnt want it to be read ?
Stupid man : I dont know . I guess I messed up . Sorry .

Woman : How it is possible that u can follow The Wire but u cant follow a simple freaking grocery list ?!

This is where the woman then proceeds to go medieval on the guy . Tears, shouting, crying - u name it, she may very well do it (or have done it) . Now we all know what he is thinking : string cheese is a string cheese , and this woman is totally overreacting !

But is she really ??

credited to : 
Women are crazy , men are stupid wrote by Howard J.Morris & Jenny Lee 
(kena mintak ijin , karang masuk lokap aku - akta hak cipta)


Anonymous said...

yeah, sy pn mngalami bnde ni... sakit hati je ngan laki ni kdg3.

Perempuan Venus said...

haha kan , tp tu lah kita kena faham perbezaan :(